Saturday, 19 February 2011

Family heirlooms

Hi dear friends,how is life treating you? good l hope.The weather is terrible here very wet cold and miserable,and not doing anything to make one feel very good,but what has made me feel good is this little outfit l have made.You might of noticed in my side bar that l follow some very clever ladies who smock, well this is a passion of mine although l do not do as much as l would like to, well February is national smocking month so l made this

From Australian smocking and embroidery
for my hope chest (in hope of more grandchildren) l started this a while back mainly because of Dave having cancer you start to wonder about your own mortality and l still have Samuel and Lauren who will leave home get married and have babies in the future and l have made lots of clothes for my other grandchildren and if by any chance l am not around l just want to make sure that they will have something made by me for their children, well lets forget the reason behind it and carry on.I was showing my DIL the little romper shoes and hat that l made and telling her about it being smocking month and she reminded me about Jessica's christening gown and my step granddaughters dress l made for her christening they where christened together well l had completely forgot about these and she brought them round for me and not only had l forgotten that l had smocked a bishop neck line l also forgot that l had also smocked the bonnet it,s amazing what you can do when you have too ,now if you would of asked me days earlier l would of said l had never done a bonnet like this l was also amazed at the work l had put into these dresses and was very pleased with myself it just goes to show out of sight out of mind l do not want to give these back l want them there as a permanent reminder because every now and again my confidence seems to disappear and l question my abilities even though l have made my eldest daughters wedding dress and helped my sister to make my nieces wedding dress and and Paige boy suits and matching waistcoats and cravats and loads and loads of bridesmaid dresses,l will have to see if l can get some pictures together and show you. But back to these dresses l know l will have to give them back but l am sure they will become family heirlooms . The dresses have petticoats under them and l have machine embroidered their names and dates of birth and the date of their christening on them but the rest of the embroidery is done by hand and Jessica also has a matching coat and bibb but the silk binding has started to yellow on this a and bit.I have found a couple of photos of that lovely day Samuel and Lauren where godparents,a little young but they do take their role seriously. Well that was then and this is now,Jess is four in July and here she is receiving her ballet award with honours.Well done Jess we are very proud of you.

I sent Harriet hare to my dear friend Alex from pink feather paradise and some bunting that l have made,l hope they have cheered her up a little,now it was,nt a swap but she sent me some
very yummy chocolate which l must say l did not share with any one, go and take a look at the other wonder full presents Alex received.
On a final note Dave is doing very well, lots more good days we have his MRI scan on wednesday l am sure it will go well.Next time l will show you some knitting that l have een doing for my hope chest so untill then have areat day and stay warm.

Hugs Pat.


LizzieJane said...

What incredibly beautiful smocking Pat. I have never attempted to do smocking. I have a feeling it requires a lot of concentration.Your grandchildren are so very lucky to have you. I am so very happy to hear that your hubby is doing well. He and you have been through so much. Fingers crossed for a good MRI scan... I know it will go well.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend and try and stay warm.

Jan said...

All the smocking turned out beautiful! It just makes the kids look even more darling!

Tracey said...

You are the most talented lovliest person I know. Bloody fabulous. Hope all goes well on Wednesday...Lots of love. xxx

Joanne said...

Your work is beautiful Pat. Those Christening growns are just fabulous something like that would cost a lot a very lot of money in the shops. I've seen Harriet she's a beautiful bunny and she looks fantastic in Alex's house.
All the outfits in your last post are so cute. This year I'm going to try and have a go at dress making so if you have any pointers they would be gratefully received.
Hope all goes well on Wednesday.

Joanne x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Your smocking is absolutely beautiful, you don't see a lot of it around now, and those gorgeous items you've made are definitely heirlooms!
I adore Harriet too, she's one pretty hare!!
Good luck to Dave for the scan, and I really look forward to seeing your latest blog posts : )

Hugs ((( )))

Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

Pat those are all absolutely fabulously GORGEOUS!!!! You are the most talented seamstress....EVER!!! Do you know how much money we would have to pay for something nowhere near as lovely as yours? And the love that you put into them is priceless. What a wonderful family heirloom you've created and I adore the photos of your beautiful family!!!! Wishing Dave best wishes for a great MRI scan my friend. Hugs.

Florrie said...

Oh my goodness I've never tried smocking but the baby items you have made are so beautiful, such a clever lady, and Harriet Hare is adorable.

Hope all goes well at your hubbys next appointment.
florrie x

Julia said...

What treasures!

Diane said...

So glad Dave is doing well - I am keeping everything crossed for him. i am in awe at your smocking - its truly amazing. xxxxx

Lydia @ Twelve said...

Your sewing is really very beautiful, I just love smocking & used to by my little girl smocked dresses from M&S..

So glad that thing look good for your Dave, will hold you in my thoughts on wednesday...


Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Beautiful sewing Pat the smocking is very effective. Lovely pictures of your grandchildren to.
All the best to Dave for the scan.
best wishes Julie.C

sewing spots said...

All are lovely! I particularly love the bonnet!

Julia said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks for your kind words and compliments – I am glad to be back in the saddle so to speak!!

And I love your smocking; it’s so beautiful – a true family heirloom!

Take care

Love Julia:0)

Julie said...

Absolutly gorgeous Pat. Wonderful heirlooms.

jackanne said...

Amazing smocking Pat! hope you are both keeping well, hugs jackanne.xx

Bee happy said...

Just found your blog through Two bones and a bagle and wanted to say hi!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

LizzieJane said...

Thank you for your nice words on my blog Pat. I am feeling much better today. I hope all is well with you and your hubby. I think when the warmer weather gets here we will all be feeling a lot better.

Karens Hopes said...

what beautiful work and pictures of your family, some lovely heirlooms to hand down.

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Hope you are keeping well, all of you.
I have a change to my web add-
I know you don't have allot of time to blog, I only wanted to say Hello.
Take care now. Julie.C xx

C. C. said...

Hi Pat!

I LOVED your smocking! I had wanted to try that forever; I had made several heirloom dresses from Martha Pullen patterns and she has a lot of smocking patterns. So finally, for an heirloom dress I made for my daughter's 18-inch doll, I decided to try hand-smocking. What a clunky mess! I am not proud of it at all! It was a purple silk dupioni that I made it out of, too! It was supposed to be a "dream" to smock on! Well, I guess not for a beginner hee hee. I admired your nice work and glad your husband is feeling better.

C. C.

bibi said...

I have to tell you that the sight of the sweet baby peeping out from the ruffle of that bonnet just made my day! Your romper is lovely, just lovely. I have read your blog a good bit this morning and hope this finds you and your loved ones we..

Monica@The White Bench said...

Oh fabulous, Pat! Hope all is well with you.
Just popped by to say hello :)
Monica x.

Diane said...

Hi Pat
I was just wondering how you were. I hope things are improving. Just wanted tyou to know I was thinking about you. xxxx

Julia said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks for becoming a follower - I've reciprocated, as I wasn't one of yours either. I tend to add my favourites to my blog list though usually rather than 'follow' as I'm more likely to read it that way.

Hope you're well

Love Julia x