Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jack of all trades and master of none.

Hi dear friends how was your week? mine was spent ill in bed with a stomach virus ,not very pleasant at all it has left me no strength to do any thing i was very frustrated i can tell you but i am feeling much better today.I thought i would show you what i made two weeks ago some are still waiting for buttons i will do these soon ,now i have made these with selling them in mind but not to sure about them so i have played safe in making them in the size of the granddaughters so if they do not sell at least their wardrobes will be full up, i have plenty more to do as i have so much material and of course the children will still have some but i want to get quite a few made before i start dishing them out but my main aim i want to do craft fairs and school fairs in the summer so what do you think ladies is it something i should do i would love your opinion please especially from ladies who go to these fairs is it some thing there is a call for i would also like to make PJS as well as other crafty things.I have some smocking just started i will show you it soon i have been wanting to do some for ages so today i got started on it but it does take me a while i suppose that,s why i do not do it very often,i have come to the conclusion i am a jack of all trades and master of none by that i mean i can turn my hands to most things knitting crochet sewing smocking embroidery to name but a few but i only know so much i am self taught but i wish i had learnt from a teacher but blogging has enabled me to learn from the best and i am always learning new crafting skills for which i will always be grateful. Well that,s all for now i hope you have had a good weekend and a better week to come.

Hugs Pat.


Char said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. I hope you are totally over what had you down. I love the clothes you are making. I think I need to get into the sewing room and get something done!! HA
Thanks for the motivation, I needed that, Char

two bones and a bagle said...

Ah hope you soon feel better - love the sewing particularly the red spotty one.

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Well that certainly was great minds thinking alike Pat :-)

Hope your tummy is better and yes do try the craft fairs ... I have met some lovely people (sellers and buyers) and would highly recommend you try it. Those outfits are gorgeous x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hi Pat,
I hope this week is much better for you, and that you can get back to your normal self!!
As for having a stall at a craft fair, I would say go for it!! Those little outfits are wonderful, and you don't see too much in the way of children's clothes at the fairs, I have found. so there's certainly a niche for you. Have you thought about Facebook too, that's another way you could sell. I would definitely want to buy something for my granddaughter!!
Have a lovely week, you talented lady, and I have mentioned you in my blog tonight!!

Sharon xxx

LizzieJane said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. I hope that soon you will be feeling much better. Your new clothes that you have sewn are just lovely. I think they would sell very well at craft fairs. Well done you!

LizzieJane said...

That is so funny Pat that we both were going to each other's blogs at the same time! I love my new sewing machine but I still have a lot of learning to do. Hope all is well with all your family.
Have a great week,

Tracey said...

They're PERFECT! Adorable..I would buy them. You are a master of everything you do!! xxxxxxxxx

Julia said...

You sound just like me. I like to do so many different things, that I don't give myself a chance to master any of them properly.
I cannot imagine that these darling outfits wouldn't sell! If it goes well let me know. I've been thinking about doing this sort of thing.

Florrie said...

Hi Pat, hope you are soon feeling better.

Those little outfits are adorable and I'm sure you would have no trouble selling them, the only problem I find is that you have to compete with the likes of Primark..........sometimes people don't realise how much work goes into handmade and how superior they are to mass produced childrens clothes made in sweatshops in the third world.

By the way, I've had problems with someone who reads my blog and I've had to change my url address.

If you click on florrie at the top of this message it should take you there ok......hope you still visit,florrie x

Smiffy said...

Hi Pat, pleased you are starting to feel better now. I think the outfits are FAB hun, you'll have no problem in selling them I'm sure. You really are a very talented gal! Sue x x x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

They are really lovely and I am sure they will sell well. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said... sorry to hear you've been down with a bug. Glad to hear your feeling a little better!! Pat your little clothes are ADORABLE!!!!!! If my girls were still little I would be buying all of them up from you. They are SO cute!!!! Great job!!! Love them!!! Hugs Sweetie.

Diane said...

Sorry you have not been well Pat - there are some nasty bugs going round at the mo. Your little outfits are lovely and I would definately buy one if I had someone to buy one for. Your fabric choices are lovely too. xxxxx

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

I am sorry you have been out of sorts Pat. But you have been busy to, these little outfits are lovely. You would have no problem selling these. best wishes Julie.C

Rebecca said...

Only just come across your blog and so pleased I did. Your outfits are lovely, especially the red one. I don't suppose it would fit a small 20 month old ;-)

Laurie said...

DARLING little outfits!!! I love all of em!