Tuesday, 14 April 2009

What a lovely day we had

Well we had such a busy day on Sunday. I got up very early and set the garden for our egg hunt, I made some bunting and an Easter egg hunt sign also a big Easter bunny. By 10:30 there where twenty of us, we ate sausage and bacon sandwiches followed by an Easter egg hunt for the children. I had painted them all a basket for them to collect their eggs, there where squeals of delight as they found their eggs, then there was some playing while the adults had a catch up as we are not all together very often. Later we had lunch and then the table was set with a lovely white damask table cloth and we had an afternoon tea of chocolate bunny biscuits, a Simnel cake and some fairy cakes that I had made on Saturday.Later on we had an egg and spoon race and pin the ears on the bunny the adults played this game and we had such a laugh it was great fun. We were so busy that we didn't have time for the children to wear their aprons that I had made ,and i had also made the girls a tutu each and had bought some bunny ears for them may be i can take photos at a later date ,well that was our Easter i hope you all had a lovely Easter too. Hugs and best wishes Pat. xx


Debbie said...

It all looks so lovely Pat .. I feel quite ashamed I didn't make an effort ... will try harder next year x

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a fantastic day you arranged!! I'm sure the children will remember it for years!! It certainly looks as though you had better weather than us.
Love those Easter bunnies, and the food looked gorgeous!!

Have a lovely week, Pat : )

Sharon xx

Julia said...

What a lovely Easter day you all had Pat ..... and I love the big bunny - it's bigger than the children!!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

How lovely it all looked! The little ones looked so excited and sweet. Love the easter bunny too.

The Easter tea looked wonderful and those fairy cakes way too pretty to eat! lol.

Tatty Mum said...

Oh wow so much effort, it all looks fantastic and looks like you all had a great time.
Tell me did you make that gaint rabbit.
I will make a bigger effort next year.

joanne x

periwinkle said...

what a lovely family Easter and I just adore your bunnies
lisa x

C. C. said...

Hi Pat!!!!
My lovely gift came in the mail today! THANK YOU!!!! I love the buttons and the packaging and the chocolate bunny! You put such thought into it!

I made you a card the very day I found out that I had won, but I don't know how to get it to you (there wasn't an address on the box). Could you get me your address? You can try e-mail ccrst@live.com or if that doesn't work, just leave me a comment and I will not publish it.

Thank you!!!!!!!

C. C.

P.S. it looks like you had a very special Easter! How nice to have everyone there; and your simel (sp?) cake looked really neat - I've never seen one.

Lottie said...

what a perfect easter! looks like everyone had a lot of fun, and those easter treats look so yummy :) good times and family memories! Lottie x

Gingerbread said...

What a wonderful family day you have had everyone looks so happy, I can see the children enjoyed it. Your table setting is very inviting, I do love the fairy cakes and they look a treat on the stand. And thank you for your gift, I have got plenty of ideas to use it in my sewing. best wishes Julie.C

June said...

Such a delightful Eastertime it looks like you enjoyed with your little ones. They are all such little darlings. Reminds me of Easter when my children were all small. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the sweet message.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

WOW Pat - you really took good care of your guests...looks like lots of fun!

Heart in the country said...

What a lovely time you all had. I love your bunting!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hi Pat,
Would you be interested in doing the 'Pay it Forward"?
I just need one more person. I know that you've done the lovely giveaway, & might not want to do anything else at present. That's fine, no problem, but if you are interested, can you e-mail me? Would you be able to e-mail me your address anyway, as I would like to send something to you?

Have a lovely weekend : )

Sharon xx

OhSoVintage said...

I am absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of time and effort you must have gone to for this wonderful occasion for your family. I didn't make any effort as we were travelling back home from a short break. I used to do treasure hunts when the children were younger but never on your sort of scale!