Sunday, 19 April 2009

Car booting

Hi ladies i hope you have all had a nice weekend?We went to Birmingham on Saturday to pick up my youngest daughter Lauren as she has been staying with her older sister for a week,we met up at my sisters house and as i had finished Tabetha's quilt on Friday i took it with me to give to her,here are some pictures of her posing on it i also embroidered her name and the date. Today we went to my favourite car boot and boy was it busy,i brought lots of little treasures some i will show you now the others later on as i have plans for them.The first is a little green chair just right for my dolls then i found this tin,very nice also a straw hat for my dolls a little blue jug a small wooden rocking horse and a musical merry go round,also this basket which the seller assures me is from her cousins in New England i got it for £1.50 ,i just love collecting baskets among other things LOL. I found four lots of old sheet music three of them with great old pictures on them they where 20p each and then my favourite item was this enamel coffee pot it was brand new in the box along with chocolate wafers and marsh mallows well out of date 2006 they went straight in the bin and all for the price of £1.00 and this lace cloth well i thought i did really well wouldn't mind becoming a professional car booter, i don't think I'd make much money on it but I'd have fun trying .And as it was such a nice day me and Dave spent a few hours doing the front garden and then it was relax time. I am joining in play it forward with the lovely Sharon from Clover Cottage the idea is the first three people to leave a message get a homemade gift from me then they do the same for three other people so if you would like to take part please say so in your comment and i will need a contact address to send you your gift if you don't want to take part then please do still leave a message don't be put off by this as i love reading your messages.I am quite excited about this the gifts might be one of my aprons or a hare or one of my dolls or something equally nice it depends on the person and what i think they would like ,so if you fancy playing leave me a message saying wether or not you would like to join in,thankyou lovely ladies.
Have a great week best wishes Pat


OhSoVintage said...

Gosh you really did find some great things, didn't you? I love the little chair.

Elaine said...

Lovely finds at the old booty. I wish we had something nearer.
Love the quilt too, I'm sure your daughter will treasure it for many years.
I'm already taking part in PIF, so won't join in with yours this time
(Still haven't done my first lot yet) but I'm sure whoever you send to will love whatever you send.

Love and blessings

Mummy Boo Bear said...


Thanks for your comment on my post, yes the youngest has been a bit of a madam this past week. It probably is everthing we have been doing as I find she still needs a nap most afternoons. Bless her, she seemed better though today.

I just wanted to say how gorgeous your quilt is. I have wanted to do one (something simple) for ages. Back last year I did do a patchwork front. I got so fed up of it being folded up in my wardrobe i just stitched a backing on. I dont like it and it annoys me everytime I look at it that its not really finished no wadding or quilted. But I have no idea how to finish it really. What sort of wadding or which part to quilt and so on. If you have any pointers I would be really grateful as I would love to make a quilt each for my girls!

have a good week.


Mummy Boo Bear said...

P.s hope you dont think I am being cheeky. i would not like to offend.

mummy Boo bear.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love the quilt, you are such a talented lady!!!
Your car boot buys look a lot better than mine,Love that cute little chair, I like baskets too, that's a gorgeous one ! Those music sheets are beautiful!! They would look lovely framed. In fact allthe bits are lovely!!
I have been busy sewing tonight, for PIF's & the Freestyle swap.
Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

Lottie said...

Thanks for you kind comment on my last post :)
What great finds at the car boot sale! That basket from new england is gorgeous I cant believe what a great price it was! and the enamel coffee pot is fab. So you were in Birmingham today? Reading that sent me down memory lane as i lived there for 3 years. Hope you had a lovely rest of your weekend. also - the quilt you made is beautiful. Lottie xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I think a lot of people are doing pay it forwards... so don't worry if you don't get any takers... I only had two...

What wonderful car boot bits, I have an enamel T-pot, but mine is red... and I love the sheet music, arn't the pictures wonderful... I adore baskets, and that one is a beauty.. our car boot was definately not of the same quality as yours...

I am really getting intrigued by quilting... The local library is having a quilting demonstration and I am going to pop along, I really would like to make Jamie and Daniel a quilt each... something they will hopefully treasure and pass onto their children... I love the colours and the fact you embroidered a message...absolutely beautiful I am sure your grand-daugther will snuggle up and think of you...

Take care

Tatty Mum said...

Heavens, what wonderful finds, I love the little chair and basket, the rocking horse is pretty cute as well.

Your quilt looks lovely, thats one lucky girl, she looks like she likes it.

I'll join your PIF if there's room for me. I just love all your makes.

have a good week

Joanne x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi there,

Just wanted to say thank you for taking time out to put a comment on my blog about making quilts.

The advise you gave me was really useful. I did have a go yesterday at bias binding and I quilted the back of a small cup coaster just to get the feel of it. I found the binding a bit of nightmare corners are very tricky!? is there any trick to doing them? I also gave the coaster a bit of an iron as the material got a bit creased with me faffing around with it, but the wadding inside seems to of shrunk? its flat as a pancake now. not sure what you do if you wash your throw and need to iron it???? (i am such a clumsy oaf at times! lol)

Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it. I even had a dream last night about making quilts???? how weird is that.

Sharon said...

Oh no, I wish I'd seen this PIF of your's Pat :(
Never mind, perhaps I will have better luck if you decide to do it again LOL