Sunday, 5 April 2009

And The Winners Are ?

And the winners are:

Tam-Apple Creek Cottage
Apron 4-6

Sharon-Crafty Trundler
Apron 1-2+Hat

Debbie-Dreaming Of A Simple Life
Apron 2-3+Hat

Cream Trim

C.C-Ribbons & Lace Cottage
Vintage Buttons

Congrats to those who won, i wish i had something for everybody but i'll be making more in the future. A big thank you to those who enetered and for all your lovely comments they were much appreciated and very sweet and i am very glad to call you my friends.

Best Wishes Pat xx

P.S I'll post these as soon as i can hopefully in time for easter.


Debbie said...

Ooh Pat - I am so excited and happy to be a winner - thank you so much Debbie xxxx

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

Well done ~ lucky ladies!

Thecraftytrundler said...

That's fantastic, Pat!!!!! I am so pleased, I have never ever won a giveaway before!!! Thanks so much!! The pinny & hat will look lovely on Aaliyah, and you are so clever!!!
My E-mail address is , if you would like to e-mail me, I will send you my address.

Thanks so much, Pat, and have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

C. C. said...

I tried to e-mail you but it failed to go through. I guess you can erase my comment here whenever you write it all down. Here is my e-mail message:

I WON! I WON! I never have won anything in my whole life, but I WON!!!

Thank you!!!! I am so excited!

My address is as follows:

C. C. Turner

2090 A Snow Rd.

Las Cruces, NM 88005


I can't wait (but don't hurry on your end!)!!!! Have a good day!

C. C.

tam said...

Pat I am sooo excited-YaY!!! I am going to have fun giving this to my little Emily Jean, and she will love it! I sent my address to your email. Thank You ~Thank You!
Hope you have a wonderful week~Tam:D

Gingerbread said...

Thank you so much Pat, I am having trouble email with the address you gave me, so will try this way.
Julie Cartwright
52 Mirion street
Cheshire cw1 2ap
united kingdom So nice of you this was a lovely surprise thank you so much. best wishes Julie.C

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Pat
Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful words you left on my previous post. It was very much appreciated!
Well done to the winners!
Isabelle x

Kim McBirnie said...

Trust me to miss a giveaway of sucj beautiful things! That's what happens when you are too busy to blog, tsk. Well done everyone else!
Kim xx

Gingerbread said...

Thank you Pat your gift arrived this morning what a lovely treat, so nice of you. And the chocolate bunny. Happy easter Julie.C

The White Bench said...

Hi Pat!
Thanks a lot for your warm thought!
I appreciated it very much.
Well done to the winners- lucky ladies!
Have a bright and happy Easter with family and friends,

tam said...

Hello Pat!
We got our package today-how wonderful and fun!!! My little Emily Jean just loves her new apron and we all have been enjoying sharing the yummy chocolate bunny too!
Thank You! Thank You!
As soon as I can get the photo's off of my Blackberry I will share them in a post! ~Smiles~Tam!

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