Saturday, 11 June 2011

So proud of my girls.

Well my girls did the race for life this morning in one hour forty minutes,well done you three. They all walked it as Dawn has asthma and Lauren has tonsillitis and they where told on doctors orders to walk.It was a very emotional morning thinking of why we where all here and seeing the signs on the other ladies backs and who they where doing it for. The girls and Dave when we arrived. Laurens sign on her back .Hallam fm where there providing some great music THANK YOU HALLAM FM.There was a warm up for the ladies.Army cadets where there to keep order and did a fantastic job helping and encouraging the ladies, what great kid,s. Some dogs doing the race with their owners agh bless.The girls starting off,the atmosphere was fantastic.With the end in sight.The girls finishing and getting their medals.The girls with their medals and very pleased with them selves and so they should be and already looking forward to next year and Hayley may be doing another race for life in July at Rotherham with her work pals and if she does we will be there to support her.Have a great weekend hugs Pat.


Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh well done to the girls!
All the photos are wonderful! I'm excited about doing mine tomorrow now! It will be terribly emotional obviously but fun too I'm sure!
I'm only walking too as I have asthma & can't run at all! Lol!
*Well done girls*

jackanne said...

Thanks Pat for your lovely message,mum is doing fine bless her lots of hospital visits to go but she is keeping upbeat,i am waiting to see a genetisist as breast cancer is in the family. i am also ready for my next mammagram in 2 weeks time...WELL DONE to your girls for the run. i did it 2 years ago (very emotional)but great fun..xx

Alix said...

Well done to your girls - they'll have spent the rest of the day with that nice, fuzzy feeling of having done something really worthwhile today!

Diane said...

A big well done to your lovely girls. xxxxxxxxx

Tracey said...

Well done girls!! They are such pretty things...xxxxxxxx

C. C. said...

Hi Pat!!!

Thank you for coming for a visit!

I am glad your girls did the walk; that was a wonderful way to show their love for their dad!

Outstanding projects have been going on at your house! Simply lovely (and LOVE the signs your Dave did!)

C. C.