Saturday, 12 June 2010

Keeping the momentum going.

Well thought l would try and keep the momentum going and blog again, maybe it's the lovely weather we are having today. I thought l would show you where l sit and knit or sew or crochet in my garden when the weather is fine, and talking of crochet here is a blanket that l did for my daughter Laurens sixteenth birthday it just fills the top of our double bed it took quite a while to complete but and couldn't wait to finish it for her l just loved the colours and Lauren loves to wrap herself up in it l really enjoyed making this for her. Well back to the garden l needed a new cover for my gazebo but for love nor money l could not find one for mine so not to be defeated l brought some fabric which reminds me of neopolitan ice cream and beach huts don't you think so too, l used the old cover for a template and it was so easy l used my overlocker too make it stronger and l added some bunting to give it a summery look and it only took a few hours and l was so pleased with the result and because of the shape l had lots of pieces left over so l looked at my garden furniture and it was all miss matched so out came the paint and brush and l got to work and gave it a sort of new England look and then l made some cushions for it all the rocking chair and foot stool were surplus requirements in the house so they got a makeover too it gives them a use and l am really pleased with the outcome . Beau got in the picture too just look at his face he has been fighting with another cat, he wont stay in at night and this is the result . I have some new little visitors in my garden these lovely birds that DH brought me also this little bike is off my sister, l really am pleased with these.While l was taking the pictures my son and his little family came for a visit so here are some more baby pictures Jessica is not very well she has an infection in her mouth with all little blisters, even water seems to hurt her so she is not a happy bunny today. Well that's me for today l will show you my knitting and my new kitchen hopefully next time, hubby's off to the pub now to watch the England game l hope they do well and l am going to do some sewing so until next time enjoy this glorious weather and take care hugs Pat


Tracey said...

You are SO clever! It all looks lovely. OOOh that baby is gorgeous too! xxx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Wow that is quite amazing! I cant even begin to think of how hard the gazebo top must of been to of sewn. Love your garden furntiture make over too. And that crochet blanket is very yummy too, I have just finished crocheting a blanket for my youngest eldest is next up!

Talking of lovely yummynesses (!) awww your little granddaughter looks so cute!

Happy times!


Josie said...

the garden looks great, what a brilliant makeover, especially the gazebo and the crochet blanket looks lovely too!
Josie x

Monica@The White Bench said...

Soooo glad you're back! Thanks for your sweet note. OMG!!! How brilliant! I wanted to re-make my garden umbrella too, and I was wondering if it was a good idea- you inspired me to take the plunge!!!!!
The baby, Mum and girl are sweet!

Frugal Life UK said...

what wonderful craft thingies xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Now theres a little business waiting to be started... I bet there are many gazebo owners that are fed up with the same old colours on their awnings... that amazing and with the bunting too what a clever creative lady you are... and all those cushions... it looks so cosy and welcoming..
loving the blanket too...the colours are gorgeous... and your grandaughter looks devine... sorry to hear your daughters not well.. I had a leg thrombosis and mastitus when I had daniel... not good being poorly after your baby...

big hugs to you all

Diane said...

Wow!!! That looks like a project and a half!!! Lovely photos - congrats on the new baby - always a lovely time. xxx

Sarah said...

What a fantastic thing to do - you must be so pleased! and as for your grand daughter - she's so so sweet.

C. C. said...


How are you doing!? Nice to hear from you. I can't believe that HUGE gazebo you covered. The colors are perfect and I like the trim, too.

Congratulations on new grandbaby! What a lovely family you have!

Have a nice day!

C. C.

Zannah said...

Wow - what an amazing accomplishment!! How long did it take you to do? It looks absoultely wonderful!

Thecraftytrundler said...

That is a gorgeous crocheted blanket, no wonder your daughter loves it!
Also the parasol covers, and cushions are fantastic, you are so talented & inspire us all : )
Lovely to see mum & baby too, and your other granddaughter, you must really be kept busy!!
Have a lovely week : )

sharon xx

Julies knitting corner said...

What a lovely blanket, so much work and I like the colours too. Baby pictures are sweet, my daughters expecting her first baby, so this will be my first grandchild. So you can imagine my needles will be working overtime. Thanks for your nice comments. Julie.C