Friday, 11 June 2010

Ebay win

Hi just popped in to wish you all a good weekend and to let you know mother and baby are fine, not home yet but hoping they will be later. I told you quickly yesterday about my eBay win well here are some pictures ,would you like to see what is behind here? you would well this is my lovely sewing cabinet,i got it for a song i was prepared to pay much more but i got it for £25.00 pounds what a bargain i was well chuffed i can tell you,bidding ended on the Sunday dinner time and my DH and son travelled down to Stratford upon Avon too collect it,good job it comes in two halves otherwise we would not have been able to get it home. It came from a very big posh house and the owners thought some dealer had won it and where very dissapointed but when dh got there and told them i wanted it for my sewing room they were very pleased they also told us it was made in Tibbet ,well i was going to paint it white but every one who has seen it said it would be a shame so that idea has gone on the back burner for now anyway they did not get home until 10.30 that night they were both very tired and i love them both very much for going to all this trouble for me a big thank you Dave and Dean from my heart. My cabinet has 16 drawers and 4 sliding glass doors,i have a drawer for ribbon one for trims 4 for patternsone for buttons oh and the list goes on but it has got me quite organised and i love it i can now see my material and what colours and what goes with what, i am trying realy hard not to buy any more fabric until i have used up most of this, i do have some more but its winter weight so i have put that away for nowbut that shouldn't be too hard with my ever expanding family.Well that's it for now i hope the sun shines this weekend and you all have a great time .

Hugs Pat


Tracey said...

Pat, thanks for your lovely comment today. WOW WOW!!! That is a fantastic cupboard...lucky you! xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

That cabinet must be every crafter's dream!!! What a fantastic bargain!! Looks as though it came out of an old shop maybe?
I bet you spent a lovely few hours getting all your stash organised in there!!
Hope baby comes home soon, I'm sure she will!! : )


Lalabibaby said...

You very lucky lady .... what a cabinet!!! I am absolutely green with envy and I'm off to search for one now ;-)

Mummy Boo Bear said...


What a busy time you have had. Your new granddaughter is gorgeous. Oh dear is that clucking I can hear? lol. Congratulations to all of you. Such a lovely time for you all. Sorry to hear that you have been poorly but glad to hear that you are feeling better now.

That cabinet is just gorgeous. I am looking for something for all of my craft stuff too. We are having a little sort out at home and I am losing the back bedroom as my eldest want to have a room of her own! oh how they grow so quickly!

Hope you have a lovely weekend of sunshine and baby snuggles.


Surfer Rosa said...

Lovely to catch up with you and congratulations on the arrival of your new granddaughter!!!

Wow, that cupboard is fabulous. I was at an auction last year and saw one very similar go for a fortune.

periwinkle said...

£25 wow , you definately got yourself a bargain there.

Posts from Poppyfields said...

Wow, what a beautiful cupboard. I really really want it! lol, care to share it for £26,!?