Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Hello all hope you are all well,sorry to have been away so long but l have been busy with a birthday? mine well it was on the 15 September and we had a bar b Que on Saturday the 12 and the garden was all lit up l also made my self a cake and Dawn my DIL iced it for me as l was,nt allowed to, what l did'nt know was that Lauren had arranged a surprise visit from my brother and his wife and my 71 year old aunt and my cousin which was very special l had all my children and grandchildren and my sister all together it was very special and we had a lovely time.It was also Maisy's birthday on the 15 of September too she is now one year old l was there when she was born a very magical time being with my daughter on my birthday when she gave birth to her and it has been a special year for us both happy birthday Maisy. Henry is keeping me very busy he is very mischievous and on the go constantly, we start dog training tonight which l am looking forward to very much so we will not have much time for tea so , l have been baking today and made a quiche for tea and a fruit cake followed by some strawberries so if you feel like joining us just pull up a chair and enjoy, if Henry passes this training we can go on to bronze silver and gold the trainer asked us what kind of dog he is and when we said an Airedale terrier she said we will be lucky if we get to take him home as she adores this breed so if he embarrasses me may be l can leave him there LOL. I have been watching u tube videos and learnt how to make these lovely flowers they are very easy ,l can see myself making many more . Jessica has been dressing up for me so l thought l would share these photos with you, have a great evening hugs PAT


Josie said...

lovely photo's - Happy Birthday!
Josie x

Sarah said...

Hello Pat!
Great photo's and it certainly sounded like you had a great birthday!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Pat

Happy belated birthday! Lots of lovely looking food in your photos. It sounds like it has been a happy time full of celebrations.
Take care
Isabelle x

Tracey said...

Happy belated birthday! The garden looked lovely! xxx

Joanne said...

Hello Pat, It's been a while but i'm back blogging and commenting again.

Your garden looks great all lit up and what a special birthday you've had now sharing it with Maisy.
I'll beenaround in a bit for tea as it all looks gorgeous.

Have fun at dog training hope all goes well.

And a belated Happy Birthday!

Joanne x

Julia said...

Happy birthday Pat and to Maisey too – sounds as though you had a fab time ...... and I’ll be over for tea later – it all looks yummy!! And how cute is Jessica - she looks a real sweetie all dressed up:0)

Lydia said...

The photo's are lovely - the garden looking all twinkly! What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday, by sharing it with Maisy. My mum was with me for both of mine & Little Miss was born the day after her birthday - couldn't have done it without her!

Hope the dog training went well. Thanks for your supportive words.

Love Lydia

Diane said...

Another fellow Virgo blogger!! My birthday is on the 10th!! You sound like you had a great time too!! I love your photo's. Your family look and sound wonderful. xxxx

Heart in the country said...

Hi Pat

Cards to be addressed to the receiver in the handmade christmas swap. I've left you a bit of a longer comment on my blog.


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Happy belated birthday Pat!

Looks like you really had a lovely special one. And being able to celebrate it with your granddaughter too. That's really special.

Arent they just gorgeous your little granddaughters.

It all looks like super fun.

Take care


Thecraftytrundler said...

Glad you've had a great birthday, Pat!! The garden looked gotgeous, and it must have been lovely to have all the family there.
That lovely food too!! Is there no end to your talents!!
You have some beautiful little grandchildren, and I bet they love their nanny to bits!!
Have a great weekend : )

Sharon xxx

julieknitsjuliesews said...

Best wishes on your birthday, sorry its late. Lovely family pictures, it looks like lots of fun. best wishes Julie.C

Annabel said...

Hi Pat,
Just come across your Blog and it is truly beautiful. I am amazed at how you managed to do so many things considering you have 6 children to care for.

When I lived in Yorkshire I loved the car boot sales, especially the one at Doncaster racecourse. We have nothing to compare to that down here in the South.

Shall return darling. Very well done.

whitemorn said...

OMG...a real life fairy! You captured one.

You can't keep those you know. It's against regulation 345B of the Wildlife Act. Gorgeous though!

Indigo Blue said...

Found your blog today. Lovely photos! My daughter has a pink fairy outfit which she loves to wear. I too love Youtube videos as I am trying to learn how to crochet. I like the fact that you can pause them and catch up!