Wednesday, 4 February 2009


OOOOOhh I hope i dont upset any one but i have made a decision not to be tagged,swaps are okay giveaways are okay because the decision is yours to make even awards are okay its up to the individual if you want to accept i personly quite like passing on one award but dont like having to pass on to a certain amount to women i know you all deserve one but are they not more meaning full if you have done something to get one rather than just because some one has said pass it on to three or four people as i say i realy dont want to upset any one and i hope no one takes offence i love the freinds i have made and would hate to lose any well i have waffled on long enough


Lydia said...

Hello Pat, wanted to thankyou for your words - so kind! The picture of Jessica is lovely, and doesn't she look a dolly. I like little girls to look like 'little girls' Hear me have another clucky broody session....LOve Lydia

Vintage Amethyst said...

Eeek, I know how you feel. I feel absolutely dreadful when I have to pass things on as I don't want to leave anyone out ~ I mentioned this on my latest post which was a couple of tags and some awards!

Sharon said...

I feel the same way about the "round robin" emails; I'm afraid I usually just read then delete them without sending them to anyone else! I particularly dislike the ones which urge you go send it on so that something "good" will happen ~ those actually make me rather cross!