Tuesday, 27 January 2009

You can teach an old dog new tricks

You can teach an old dog new tricks,the old dog being me,l have only been able to crochet granny squares since the year dot and have always wanted to do more so this weekend being inspired by all you talented ladies who seem to be able to do most things took the bull by the horns or maybe the crochet hook and pattern and decided l would tackle a hat and after a few try's this is what l ended up with,not bad for a first attempt. i am very pleased with the outcome its not perfect but I think l can only get better,l cant get any worse what do you think.Hers is a picture of Maisy modeling it very sweet.So having tackled that one l want to do more l think l have the crocheting bug,so l have ordered a set of bamboo hooks off eBay and l am considering buying a book? maybe.Below are some pictures of my granddaughters bedrooms l made the pictures are pre blog and only for my reference so excuse the poor quality,l wanted to share these with you and also my blog is my life diary. TTFN PAT

Tabetha bedroom.


Surfer Rosa said...

Maisy looks sooo beautiful in her new hat (and I love the pink gingham in her room).
I think you are tops for talent: a sewer, knitted and proficient crocheter too!!

You may be aware already but this is a great site for patterns (lots of hats):

Also have you visited Crochetville?the 'show and tell' sections are great for new ideas:

missliz said...

Love your pictures. You are quite talented! Let me warn you about crochet though...it is addicting. Once you start you just can't stop! Enjoy! Oh, and great hat.

Thecraftytrundler said...

I'm just letting you know that you have won an award!!! You're a star!!
Love this post, you clever thing!!! your grand children are so lucky to have a nanny like you! You have given me plenty of ideas for Aaliyah's room!!!
Going to crash out, as I don't feel too good : (


Sharon xxx

Little Knitter Gem said...

Wow the hat is beautiful! Maisy is very lucky! And everything in her room is so beautiful - especially the curtains. Did you use a pattern for them? I'm making some for the Moomin (hopefully this week) and have been looking for some inspiration!! :)

Gemma x x

C. C. said...

Hello Pat! That is a fabulous little hat! What a lucky baby! I think it looks just right - no improvements needed. And I love her room. I am assuming you made every last sewn item? Very, very nice; it feels most special when hand made, I think.

Cottage45 said...

That is one cute hat and one very cute girl wearing it!

Little Knitter Gem said...

Thank you so much for the advice on making the Moomin's curtains. :) And yes, I know I'll need to get cracking on those bridesmaids dresses!! Only problem is, one of my bridesmaids could quite possibly get pregnant towards the end of this year, and so I'm planning on starting her dress last so that if needs be it will be a maternity version!! :)

Gemma x x

Gingerbread said...

Hi Pat, Nice to meet you thank you for visiting my blog, glad you like the pincushions I have sold three already. And I think you have done a lovely job of the hat, the little one looks so cute. I think she will be a great model for you to make more. best wishes Julie.C

XUE said...

greetings from Singapore, pat! I'm using an iPod for this & it' automatically puts in capital letters for certain words - I have not figure out how to do that manually. thank you for "visiting me in Tokyo"! yes, nicely husband is nice. he also gave me this iPod gadget so that I can still do all my blogging stuff, like typing this to you now :)
maisy grace is a lovely, lovely name, as is she. I'm assuming you made many of the things in her sweet room. you are a wonderful grandmother!

Little Knitter Gem said...

Hi Pat

When you get a minute, pop over to my blog. There's an award waiting for you. :)

Gemma x x

Little Knitter Gem said...

Hi Pat. Right click on the award, then choose save from the menu that pops up. Then go into customise your blog, choose "add photo" from the list, then click on te search button. Find the award that you saved on your computer, then double click on it. Then upload it and it will appear on your blog!! :)

Hope this helps!!

Gemma x x

DarcyLee said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. What an adorable hat and granddaughter you have. I love all that pink!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hi Pat,
Hope you and the family are all well. Bet the little ones love that snow!!!
I bought 4 100g balls of double knit from a charity shop the other day, and when I have found my hooks, I want to crochet a granny square blanket. Will post it one day!
Would you please visit my blog, as you have been tagged!!

Have fun & keep warm : )