Sunday, 25 January 2009

Well laugh out loud!

Well the cardigan is done i can now post it off. 1 picture of my doll i made last week she is meant to have wings but i did not like them so she will stay as she is, i made her on the spur of the moment so she does not quite match but as my first one i am quite pleasd with her. Well a funny story you know i'm new to computers and blogging well reading your blogs i kept seeing this LOL and i thought who is LOL she knows alot of people her name is everywhere, perhaps she's the founder of blogland HA HA then i saw it somehwhere else and i asked my fourteen year old daughter Lauren who is loz to her friends so you can see where im coming from, She went ohh mom it stands for Laugh Out Loud well we did LOL so now my sillyness is here for you all to see. Have a nice weekend.
P.s Make someone else laugh too this weekend.


Kitschen Pink said...

OH! I thought it meant 'Lots of Laughs'! That makes me silly too! t.x

Willow said...

I have had to ask my kids sometimes about acronyms.
BTW: by the way
ROFLOL: rolling on floor laughing out loud

XUE said...

I know what u mean. someone emailed me with so many of these abbreviations that I couldn't understand her message at all.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love the little jumper, and the lovely rag doll!!
Sometimes it helps to have a teenager in the house!!!
You'll be a computer whizzkid soon!!!

Happy days : )

Sharon xx

Surfer Rosa said...

Your cardigan looks beautiful and I just love the rag doll!

A chap in my office used to e-mail me and regularly there'd by LOL somewhere in the message. For ages I though it meant 'Lots of Love' - imagine my relief when I realised it's true meaning. There is such a risk using abbreviations and assuming everyone else knows what they mean

TTFN :-)
(ta ta for now)

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Love the doll and the cardigan.
Thanks for stopping by!
Debbie Moss

Greedy Nan said...

I was with Kitschen Pink as I thought it was Lots of Laughs too.
Apparently if you want to know something about technology you ask your children or grandchildren but as they never read the instruction book so how do they know?
Thanks for your comment by the way - it means a lot that you've dropped by.

C. C. said...

Lovely dolly! Isn't it neat to see them come "alive" when the last touches are added? I am never sure I am going to like my dolls, but after the hair goes on and they are dressed I can never think of parting with them! Don't give up on trying patchwork, if it is something that makes you feel "incomplete". One day it just all seems to come together.

C. C.

Wanda said...

Hello, I am a new visitor. I like your doll. I too am new to the blog world and I could do very little without my daughters help. I am intresed in most crafts and needle work. I would especilly like to learn about smocking. So you have any tips. TTFN

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

AWwww, how sweet!! and what a cute little story! lol :) couldn't resist!

I love that little sweater and doll!!

Thanks so much for stopping in and leaving such kind words! Hugs, Cynthia

The White Bench said...

Hello Pat! Thank you for your sweet and kind words:)
Your little cardigan is super, and the doll, she's a cutie!!! I am a dollmaker too:))) Hope to be able to open my shop soon- lots of dolls are patiently waiting to be listed!!
Have a beautiful week,
Monica x.

missliz said...

Okay, my 11 year old and I am laughing! Welcome to blog land. You seem to be figuring things out quite well. Have a great weekend!