Thursday, 22 January 2009

A special Dress

A special dress for a special little girl Tabbetha my granddaughter is 2 on the 7th Febuary and i have made her this hat & dress i think it has turned out well. I love the pleats and i have decided to cover the three little buttons in the pasley material, i nearly always do a hat with her outfits so now my name is Nanny hat. I have knitted her a chunky cardigan to go with it. I just have 1 sleeve to do and then i will take a picture of it. While i was making the dress it took me back, to when my daughter Louise was having her, i was at their house looking after Oliver who was tucked up in bed and i was down stairs dozing i had said to my son in law Michael to keep me informed expecting a phone call when she was born but instead he kept texting me messages and it went like this
Got the call to go down.
Waters bust Ok.
Drip in and going well.
Mum will take ollie to school.
Pushing now.
7 pounds 6oz

I have saved this in my mobile phone folder and when i told my daughter Louise she was amazed as she did not know he was doing this, the thought of one hand holding her and the other texting me lol, well thats the story of how my first granddaughter entered this world one beautiful little girl. Oh by the way girls, ive got a new laptop so i can blog about the house. Bye for now. X
i love how you get from this ...
to this!


tam said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love love the little dress and hat! Looks like we have a lot in common! I too am a Grammy and my granddaughter is my muse at the moment. Isn't it so fun?!?! I am adding your blog to my list of fav's! I'd like to invite you to join up on my blog too! Have an awesome day~Smiles~Tam!

Thecraftytrundler said...

That dress is beeeautiful! I wish I was as professional as you. She will look gorgeous in it!! You'll have to post a pic of your little princess in it.
Like the laptop, one day I'd like to get one. It must be great to blog wherever you are!!


Sharon xx

Flossie and Tom said...

Thanks for popping into my blog - I've just read through yours - you are so clever

I love the red and white dress its so beautiful - red and white has to be my very favourite combination.

Even when I do projects for boys I have to find a way of getting red in there.

Have clicked to follow your blog so looking forward to seeing your future projects


Little Knitter Gem said...

Oh wow Pat, that dress is gorgeous!! It makes my creations look really basic!! I would love to be able to create something so beautiful and "finished" looking. I love the combination of red paisley and white. Where did you get the red paisley fabric from? I'm itching to get some now!! :)

Gemma x x

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, Pat, you are so clever! What a beautiful little dress and hat!


Little Knitter Gem said...

Pat, you are such a darling for doing all that legwork for me!! I will have to give them a ring when I've got some pennies and purchase a few meters of that gorgeous paisley. Thanks so much for the info. :)

Gemma x x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my goodness that dress is absolutely the sweetest thing ever.
You are just so talented.
Well I'm still waiting on my great newphew to arrive, but my neice is in the hospital now waiting to be induced as her waters broke but she didn't get any contractions, so he is on his way soon but it may be as late as Sunday!
Have a lovely weekend

C. C. said...

Thank you for leaving me a comment! That is an incredibly lovely dress and hat you made. I like to sew, too. I will add you to my favorites as soon as I can figure out how to do it!

Elyse said...

wow! the dress and hat is adorable!

thank you for saying hello at my blog!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! The dress you made is beautiful! I sure wish I could sew!!

Big Hugs,

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hi Pat,
Just thought to stop by to tell you how T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D I think you are!
Thanks for amuzing us, with your incredible talent!
Much Love,
Debbie Moss

Rubyred said...

Hello Pat,absolutely love that little dress!It's so sweet! Love the trim and the little buttons,such beautiful detail!You are such a clever lady! A lucky lady too,love the new laptop!Rachel x

periwinkle said...

that is one cute dress - love the red and white
lisa x