Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dresses bikinis smocking and a give away.

Wow three posts in less than a week it must be a miracle. Right where shall l start? lets start with the give away,the rules are leave a message for one entry if you are already a follower that,s two chances if not become a follower ,write about the give away on your blog and link back to me for a third chance . Well what is the give away l hear you say well this is one of the items a lovely little tea pot and whittards teaalso some of Dave,s letters which are so lovely if you have read my previous posts you will know all about them and something else,if you tell me in your message what craft you are into l will try my best to make it of interest l might even throw in something else to so you have to be in it to win it .The .closing date for entries is the midnight on the 24th of June and the winner will be announced on the 3rd of July it is open for all my friends near and far and across the pond. Right on with my sewing here are the twirly whirly dresses that l have made and the girls bikinis with their initials on the front ,my machine does not do a very fancy font this is the best one l could do,l could of hand embroidered it but l do not have the time,the pattern is from sew beautiful magazine which can be found in my side bar on the left but l paid to download this one it is so adorable and l can not wait to see them in them, they are so easy to make so if you fancy having a go go for it ,sorry about the pictures being side on, my mistake could you just turn your head a little please.This is a little dress l really wanted to make with a sea side theme around the bottom and pleats down the front it is so sweet
and last but not least my favourite dress so far a little smocked dress and pants with bullion roses on the front and back of the bodice l realy enjoyed making this it,s for Chloe from Australian smocking and embroidery it is in one of there latest magazines l think it looks great in this cream and red spotty fabric l have more of this fabric to make the bigger girls an outfit each which is in the pipeline, l will show you more as they all get finished and pressed well more sewing to do so don,t forget to enter my give away by for now.

Hugs Pat.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

So proud of my girls.

Well my girls did the race for life this morning in one hour forty minutes,well done you three. They all walked it as Dawn has asthma and Lauren has tonsillitis and they where told on doctors orders to walk.It was a very emotional morning thinking of why we where all here and seeing the signs on the other ladies backs and who they where doing it for. The girls and Dave when we arrived. Laurens sign on her back .Hallam fm where there providing some great music THANK YOU HALLAM FM.There was a warm up for the ladies.Army cadets where there to keep order and did a fantastic job helping and encouraging the ladies, what great kid,s. Some dogs doing the race with their owners agh bless.The girls starting off,the atmosphere was fantastic.With the end in sight.The girls finishing and getting their medals.The girls with their medals and very pleased with them selves and so they should be and already looking forward to next year and Hayley may be doing another race for life in July at Rotherham with her work pals and if she does we will be there to support her.Have a great weekend hugs Pat.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Life at the moment

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Well l have been away for a long time but life has got in the way and l have had a bit of a blogger,s block . I want to say a big thank you to you all for the lovely comments you have left me l really appreciate them and you help me so much to carry on knowing l can look at these and know l have friends out there who care enough to to think about me and thank you Tracy for your lovely message and a big hello to my new followers . I have so much to tell you l don,t really know where to start, things have been very busy l have been sewing like made for the grandchildren as we are having a big family holiday there will be twenty one of us going all our six children partners and grandchildren we have rented a big holiday home in Wales we are really looking forward to it we are going to make lots of memories. This is my rack of clothes that l have made
and my messy sewing room . Dave has also made me a little ironing board for me,l have been keeping him busy.Here is Jessica modeling one outfit l have made for her. Dave has returned to work for one and a half days a week to ease him in gently but he has had a sore throat this week and our GP has sort of said it may be coming back and has put him on antibiotics for a week and if he is no better then he is to have another scan but there are a lot of sore throats about at the moment so hopefully it is only that, it is bound to be worse as he is still healing in that area,it is terrible living with this time bomb knowing that it could come back at anytime but for now life is good and we are making the most of it.I am very proud of my daughters Hayley and Lauren and my DIL Dawn as they are doing the 10 kilometer race for life at Clumber park tomorrow and we will be there to encourage them on. Our little Chloe is one today it feels only like five minutes that l was announcing her birth as l was blogging last year,HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE WE LOVE YOU. Dave has taken up a new hobby of scroll sawing and made me this lovely sign for my little house and Chloes name for her Birthday and my mums garden sign he made for me. He really has enjoyed doing this and has helped with his recovery so much he has even done some jig saws.My little house looks lovely now that l have painted it l have also painted the fence and the ladders it seems once l have a paint brush in my hand l have to paint every thing LOL. House work as sort of taken a back seat for a while but once every thing is finished l will have to go through the house and have a late spring clean before we go away. Here is Maisy playing hide and seek with mummy dressed as Tinkerbell. Well that,s all for now l hope to be back soon with pictures of the girls on there run so good luck Lauren Hayley and Dawn.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Family heirlooms

Hi dear friends,how is life treating you? good l hope.The weather is terrible here very wet cold and miserable,and not doing anything to make one feel very good,but what has made me feel good is this little outfit l have made.You might of noticed in my side bar that l follow some very clever ladies who smock, well this is a passion of mine although l do not do as much as l would like to, well February is national smocking month so l made this

From Australian smocking and embroidery
for my hope chest (in hope of more grandchildren) l started this a while back mainly because of Dave having cancer you start to wonder about your own mortality and l still have Samuel and Lauren who will leave home get married and have babies in the future and l have made lots of clothes for my other grandchildren and if by any chance l am not around l just want to make sure that they will have something made by me for their children, well lets forget the reason behind it and carry on.I was showing my DIL the little romper shoes and hat that l made and telling her about it being smocking month and she reminded me about Jessica's christening gown and my step granddaughters dress l made for her christening they where christened together well l had completely forgot about these and she brought them round for me and not only had l forgotten that l had smocked a bishop neck line l also forgot that l had also smocked the bonnet it,s amazing what you can do when you have too ,now if you would of asked me days earlier l would of said l had never done a bonnet like this l was also amazed at the work l had put into these dresses and was very pleased with myself it just goes to show out of sight out of mind l do not want to give these back l want them there as a permanent reminder because every now and again my confidence seems to disappear and l question my abilities even though l have made my eldest daughters wedding dress and helped my sister to make my nieces wedding dress and and Paige boy suits and matching waistcoats and cravats and loads and loads of bridesmaid dresses,l will have to see if l can get some pictures together and show you. But back to these dresses l know l will have to give them back but l am sure they will become family heirlooms . The dresses have petticoats under them and l have machine embroidered their names and dates of birth and the date of their christening on them but the rest of the embroidery is done by hand and Jessica also has a matching coat and bibb but the silk binding has started to yellow on this a and bit.I have found a couple of photos of that lovely day Samuel and Lauren where godparents,a little young but they do take their role seriously. Well that was then and this is now,Jess is four in July and here she is receiving her ballet award with honours.Well done Jess we are very proud of you.

I sent Harriet hare to my dear friend Alex from pink feather paradise and some bunting that l have made,l hope they have cheered her up a little,now it was,nt a swap but she sent me some
very yummy chocolate which l must say l did not share with any one, go and take a look at the other wonder full presents Alex received.
On a final note Dave is doing very well, lots more good days we have his MRI scan on wednesday l am sure it will go well.Next time l will show you some knitting that l have een doing for my hope chest so untill then have areat day and stay warm.

Hugs Pat.