Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Putting a smile on some ones face

Thats what this swap is all about and since signing up for it both me and Kathy have had sadness in our lives and due to this we are a bit late swapping, so this swap has meant a lot to me and put a smile on my face is what the lovely Kathy did when she sent her swap to me, you can find her great blog here she is a very talented lady. Every thing was wrapped so sweetly. So much thought and work has gone into these wonderful gifts and card i love them all ,a lady bird pin cushion and the little mouse will sit beside my sewing machine and keep me company while i sew with the fabric and get creative with the bag of buttons and the lovely bumle bee ribbon and the lovely little bag will hold my crochet hooks, i will be sending Kathy her gifts soon but some one has deleted all of my e-mail and i have lost her address so Kathy if you read this please send me a E-MAIL with your address. A quick up date on DH he in having his second bout of chemo and doing well he bounced back after his first lot and is now eating normalyl and not chocking so we can only guess the tumour is shrinking and he will not need to have his voice box removed we hope to have the decision soon but he has to have a camera down to see if it has shrunk ,he comes home tomorrow . Life has been very busy of late lots of visitors and the phone does not stop ringing so not much crafting has been done but i have been to the car boot where my sister spotted this quaint little bureau for me i will show you a picture of it with its make over when it is in its new place on my landing also DH took me to a furniture warhouse last Thursday in Sheffield while on the way back from the hospital after having his bloods done,now the reason for this is my son Sam has moved into a house with four friends and this now leaves me with a spare room well a new sewing room sounds nice but after much thought i decided not too just incase he comes home as they sometimes do so it is going to be a new guest bedroom. well money being tight with DH not working its second hand furniture for the new room,i prefer that to new stuff as i like to give things a new lease of life,well any way there where no decent beds or wardrobes but i did spot this little set of drawers,i think they where out of an office they cost just £5.oo a bargain and just right for my knitting patterns so nothing for the new room yet but still looking.I will share some more photos of my DIY skills soon well thats my news for now in the mean time have a good week keep safe hugs Pat


Tracey said...

Hello Stranger! I was wondering how you all were. I'm having a lot of problems with commenting on blogs today for some reason, hope this works! Beautiful thoughtful gifts from your swap pal! xxx

Melissa said...

So glad to hear from you! And glad to know things are going "reasonably" okay. Positive thoughts and prayers continue to be sent your way.

I love the little mouse. She is adorable.

Can't wait to see the makeover on a budget. Those are the BEST kind!

Julies knitting corner said...

What lovely items in this swap, they are all lovingly made I think that was just what you needed.
You have so much to think about Pat and you find time to keep in touch with us all. Your news update sounds good and positive, and I am sure it will stay that way. Sending you a big hug. Julie.C

LizzieJane said...

Hi Pat, I am so happy that you like your little gifts. I am even happier that your hubby is responding well to his treatment. Keeping him, you and your family in my prayers.
Hugs Kathy

Lydia said...

Hello Pat - Lovely to hear from you.

Glad to hear DH 1st cycle has gone ok - heres hoping the rest of the treatments go smoothly as well.

I love the gifts, lots of lovely thoughts have gone into them....

I think those drawers were from IKEA - They haven't done them for years so a fab find! Looking forward to seeing the bureau for the landing being made over.

Sending you a virtual hug.

Lydia x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Gorgeous swap, and look forward to seeing the ones you sent too!
Love the bureau & chest of drawers, and can't wait to see your makeover!
Glad to know OH is eating now, and responding well to his treatment.
Sending all my love, hugs & positive vibes : )
Hugs ((( )))

Sharon XX

Julia said...

Thanks for visiting Pat - I have now finished it, but can't show it yet as it's a gift for a bloggie friend in New Zealand.

Love the gifts you have received, especially the little mouse - cute!

Love that bureau too - I've always fancied having one of those - lucky you!!:0)

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hi Pat
Lovely to hear from you.
Glad to hear everythng is going ok with Dave & things are looking positive, just keep thinking positive too.
Thank you for asking about my Mum. She finished her Chemo 2 weeks ago so at least that is out of the way now. She has her first radiotherapy treatment today & had it every weekday for 4 weeks now. She had to have 2 blood transfusions due to the chemo but she is doing ok.
Hope Dave is doing well & keeping his spirits up during this tough time & you too.
Sending you both lots of love

Diane said...

So so glad that Dave seems to be responding well to his treatment. Thats the best news. Your parcel is a great treat for you - just what you need at the moment. Keep yourself cheerful - and feed that man up!!!! xxxx

April Cottage Ramblings said...

Hi Pat,
What a great swap.. and plenty to keep you busy with all the furniture DIY. Looking forward to seeing the finished result. Really pleased to hear Dave is responding ok to the chimo. My thoughts are will you both
hugs & stuff

Ally Johnston said...

Sometimes sadness is such a trial to bear. Glad to see that you got such lovely things in your swap.

dandelionavenue said...

What wonderful presents you received. It is nice to have such dear friends. I pray your husband continues to respond positively to his treatment. I can't wait to see what you do with your new "finds!" Your house looks lovely!!

DeeDee said...

Hi I am new here...I was looking thru all your fun stuff and seen on your side bar ..."No Tagging' what is that...I am blog iliterate mostly....lol...

I know what tagging a picture in facebook is...but thats it....can you help


Twiggy said...

Ooo lovely swap. The bureau looks great, I have Mr Twigs Nanas bureau and love it.
Twiggy x

Florrie said...

What beautiful gifts you recieved......it seems at this moment in time you have a lot to deal with and little gifts made with love can only help to lift your spirits. Lovely blog,
florrie x

Debbie said...

Sad to hear about your DH health!
I hope that he gets better very soon!
The gifts are very pretty...
By the way, your daughter she is very beautiful! Love her prom dress!
I have a 12 year old and can`t wait for her prom day...
But I think, I should start to save up for her prom dress now!
I heard they are quite EXPENSIVE!!!lol


periwinkle said...

oh I love your little mousie, I've got mine that I won a while back on my bedside table ... glad to hear hub is responding to treatment - be positive - hugs

jackanne said...

Just thinking about you Pat, hope you are okay!..hugs jackanne xx

C. C. said...

Hi Pat!

Just stopped in to say hi! Hope your day is going well!

C. C.

jackanne said...


Smiffy said...

Hope all is going well with hubby's treatment and that you are keeping well also. Happy belated birthday. Sue x x

Diane said...

Hi Pat, I think about you dasily and wonder how everything is going - but I dont want to intrude. I just weant you to know that I am thinking of you. xxxxxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hi again
Thank you for your lovely message.My Mum is doing ok thank you, she had to have another blood transfusion at the end of her radiotherapy. She is still tired all the time & can't walk far but she is doing ok. On top of everything though she got shingles too!!! But she is being a trooper!
Hope Dave's radiotherapy goes well & hope he is doing well.
Sending lots of postive healing thoughts his way & love to you both.