Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hi all my lovely friends,so sorry for lack of posts but l had a health scare at Xmas and l was a little worried and blogging was not on my mind right then as l am sure you can all understand that feeling, anyway too cut a long story short after some tests and treatment it wasn't as scary as i first thought and by then time had past and you know that feeling when you don't return a phone call or letter the longer you leave it the worst it gets ,well that was how it was with me but i have been popping in and sharing your lives with you and you have all kept me very entertained and i have also shed a tear with some of you. Now its my turn to share something with you as i type this blog my eighth grandchild is being born, my daughter in law is seven centimeters dilated we hope for a safe delivery into this world, l am looking after Jessica while mom and dad are at the hospital and she is being very good.I will share some photos soon of the new baby and some of the things i have made while not blogging, just had news Chloe Jane born at 3.40 weighing in at seven pounds thirteen ounces mad rush now to do tea and go visit them as they are keeping them in untill tomorrow so by for now be back soon keep well Pat.


Thecraftytrundler said...

Bless you, hun!! hope everything's ok now, and it's wonderful to see you back!!
Really pleased to hear about the new baby!! Can't wait to see pics, and it will be lovely to hear from you again : )

Big hugs (((( )))))& a little one for baby! (( ))

Sharon xx

jackanne said...

OHH congrats on the new baby! XX

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Glad everything has worked out less scary than thought.. and congratulations from sometimes sunny Somerset ... ;D

x Alex

Jeannie B. said...

She is a beautiful baby. Neat to think of you way over in England smocking and sewing for baby just like we do here in US! Did you make something for your new gran?