Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Wow my PIF gift

Wow look what the postlady brought this morning l was so excited it is my lovely PIF gift off Sharon at Clover cottage. It is a wonderful wall hanging l love the colours and it is all beautifuly embroidered with a sweet little house and trees and delicate little flowers and the words HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS it is so lovely and with it is a very nice quilt hanger with a heart and it came all the way from Australia and sharon gave it to me how lucky am i .With my gift Sharon sent me a lovely card with birds on and a lovely message, it is so nice to be on the recieving end for a change it seems i am always makeing for every one else in the family but now i have somthing made for just little old me made by some one else with me in mind ,l know just where l am going to hang it so l can see it when l sew so thank you Sharon for all your hard work and thought you put into my wall hanging l will treasure it forever.


Tatty Mum said...

Your PIF looks charming.
It is so lovely to receive gifts especially when they're hand made.

Can you tell i'm really really excited now.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

awww that looks lovely and the quilt hanger really finishes it off too. How lucky to receive such a lovely gift.


Julia said...

Hey, snap Pat, we both received lovely wall hangings with a house on - aren't we lucky:0)

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

That is so pretty!!! I love it!! What a sweet PIF gift. I hope your evening is going well!! I love visiting your blog.
♥ Teresa

XUE said...

So simple & so pretty!

Gingerbread said...

Aw how lovely for you Pat, what a lovely gift, your friend has made a lovely job of it, and the card is sweet. I have not joined in with your PIF, only because I am not sure I understand how it works. But glad you are having fun with it. best wishes Julie.C

Tatty Mum said...

Hi Pat just wanted to let you know that the best thing ever happened today Mr posty brought me this wonderful parcel and he was just in time as I was about to leave the house.
You know what was inside that parcel and I was right to be so excited it's magnificent, wonderful oh words can't describe how I feel. It has already been put up in the kitchen and looks fabulous agaist my pink walls.

So thank you so much Pat, I've never received anything that's had so much work put into it.

I will blogging about my gift ASAP but have been out shopping with hubby and know have to go to work.

Your ever greatful friend
Joanne x

Sarah said...

How lovely Pat, it's so beautifully done - you lucky lady!

clare's craftroom said...

What a lovely gift , lucky you .

Lace hearts said...

Isn't that pretty - what a lovely gift.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Pat
Thank you for your kind and good wishes for my cat and for your lovely comments. I have been very behind with blogging and am pleased to finally have some spare time. I love your kitten Beau, so cute!!! He must give you all a lot of fun and pleasure. What a loovely gift you have recieved. I really like the combination on red gingham and blue and white dots.
Have a great weekend!
Take care
Isabelle x

Diane said...

Hi fellow Yorkshire Lady. Just found your lovely blog - off to have a really good read. Where abouts in Yorkshire are you?

Diane said...

Hi Again Pat, I live just off the M1 (going north) after Meadowhall near to Wentworth. We are regulars throughout the year at Clumber park. xxx