Monday, 27 April 2009

A busy few days and a new member of the family

Hope you all had a nice weekend,I have had a busy few days my sister has been up visiting since Thursday which has been very nice.On Saturday we got our new Kitten Beau here he is on Laurens computer he,s a dinky little thing and is quite well behaved so far,i have missed having a cat about since we lost our last one two years ago and i have been seeing lots of cats on blogs and i realised how much i miss having a one about so i decided now is the time and Digger the dog and kitten are getting on fine,i was a bit worried about how he would react but he is fine and being very much the Daddy. Because my sister has been here and the kitten coming we have had lots of visitors so not a lot of my PIF being done but its nearing completion this week,i have had no more takers for PIF so i think it will probably stop here unless theres anyone out there who wants to join in ,even my friends over the sea i dont mind posting abroad. Sunday morning i was car booting as usual but there was not much about this week but i did get a lovely white wedgewood strawberry a vine jug for one pound and this nice plant pot for fifty pence .I took this photo at six tonight this is how the weather has been here today not very nice i was hoping to get in the garden today but it was not to be. Some one commented on the pink rocking horse in my last post it had been left out in the garden over the winter and then ended up in the back of the garage and i had some paint left over from painting my utility room so i decided to give a few things a makeover here are a couple i will show more at a later dateThis is the potting bench my hubby made me last year,i think it looks much better for a coat of paint and it is so pleasant to work in the greenhouse now.,well thats all for now have a great week best wishes Pat


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi Pat,

Your new kitten is soooooo cute. The picture with Beau and your dog is really cute. I really miss having pets but at the moment where we live its not an option to have another dog and my hubby became very allergic when we had cats! boo.

Love your rocking horses make over they look so pretty. And your potting shed, that is one girly potting shed! lol

Have a great week.


Thecraftytrundler said...

Love the little kitty!! Looks as though your dog is happy with the new arrival!
Lovely jug, and plant pot too, we had alovely, sunny weekend, did you?
The rocking horse, and shelves are lovely, is there no end to your talents!!!???

Have a lovely week, hopefully will get the PIF sent off to you later this week : )

Sharon xxx

Gingerbread said...

Lovely pictures of the kitten I hope you show more, I love it when they play with dogs. Great work on the rocking horse and the work bench looks good to, I don't think John would let me paint it pink though, I think because he uses it. You have some lovely finds from the car boot. best wishes Julie.C

Debbie said...

Oh bless ... so cute Pat ... we have two pussy cat brothers and when they were tiny they always had to sit on the computer keyboard ... the dog looks as though they are going to get on just fine ... our two curl up with Molly the Lab and we have no problems. Wow to your refurbs of the rocking horse etc.... just goes to show how new life can be breathed into old things ... well done x

Surfer Rosa said...

I adore that picture of your two pets!!

Great work with the pink paint. I have some shelves in the shed which I was just going to stain but I think I shall give them a bit of colour.

I really wanted to join in your PIF but I'm up to my eyes in a combination of crochet blocks, and decorating for the next few weeks so can't really commit.

Lajoni said...

Hi just popped in to say thank you for leaving such a lovely comment's always nice when new friends stop by.....I just love all your new pinky bits especially the hobby horse, they all look great with their makeovers xx

Lottie said...

beau the kitten is adorable - and so tiny! That is a lovely picture of him with your dog. Wow - you have been busy with the painting - you've made my day as I have a rocking horse just like yours in the shed that I got at a garage sale loooong before moomoo was born and I had totally forgotten about it until I saw your blog today. I shall go and get it out right now! I think the tail will need replacing and a coat of paint of course. I'm so excited! Also loving your potting table! Well, basically love everything you blogged about! have a great week! Lottie xx

clare's craftroom said...

Hi Pat thanks for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment . That kitten is so cute !

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

What a sweet little kitty!! Looks like she's making friends too!! They're so sweet!!

I also love your rocking horse and girly potting shed, too pretty!!!
Have a super day!!!
♥ Teresa

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Aw the kitten is so cute... I don't tink Mr P would be impressed to come home from his travels and find a kitten, but he wouldn't be very suprised! lol!

I love all the make overs the hobby horse and rocking horse are beautiful... and what a fab potting bench! I wonder if my father in law would be impressed if I made over his shed while he's in hospital...Giggle!

Take care