Thursday, 4 December 2008

Family life.

Well the tree is up, the garland is on the mantle and the reindeer and the sleigh are on the roof, the brasses are all shining and we are all lit for Christmas. I still have packing and lots of sewing to do but the house looks so nice & cosy now all i want to do is sit by the fire and watch Christmas movies, but alas i know i can't.We had some disturbing news on Monday that the firm my husband, son & son-in-law work for have been given 30 days notice that there are to be redundancies on the 5Th January when they return to work. The future looks a bit bleak but we are determined not to let it put a damper on Christmas, its about what you have got, not what you haven't got and we have each other.Well on to a lighter note, my sewing ? At the moment i am making cone angels from the Sew Pretty Home style book one of my favorites, i will show you the completed ones when i am finished, just a sneak preview of them for now, it feels like my own little cottage industry here as i couldn't resist, just making more and more, a couple are for a friend she asked me to make her some, the rest will be presents, if i can bare to part with them. I thought i would introduce the youngest member of our family this is Maisy Grace the best present a daughter could give her mom she was born on my birthday and i was there to see her come into this world , we might not have much money but we are very rich in grand children seven in total.
I just wish I had a computer know how like the rest of you, at the moment i rely on the help of my lovely 14 year old daughter Lauren, i think she is quite the whizz on the computer, i know my way around eBay and web sites but this blogging and putting pictures on is a bit beyond me yet, but i am determined to learn about all be it slowly.
I have been reading lots of blogs and realise i have something in common with most of you. I do believe we are kindred spirits and so kindred spirits on that note good night and good bless.


The White Bench said...

Oh, what lovely baby niece and daughter! You are very blessed!
Your cones are fabulous- can't wait to see them finished!


XUE said...

Greetings all the way from Tokyo! Beautiful tree! Later today, we'll put up the tree too & my 2 kids are so excited at the thought of it. I'm sorry to hear about the firm's sad decision & hope things are on the positive side for yr family members. Maisy Grace is a lovely, lovely name & as pretty as her Aunt Lauren! Computers give me headaches at times so thank goodness, I hv a computer-savvy husband for that! My kids are 8 & 11.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohh Christmas decorations. We are putting ours up at the weekend! Yay!
Sorry to hear about the job situation, but as you say you are indeed very blessed with a beautiful family.
Sending love
love Alison x

Greedy Nan said...

Just found you and am hoping that your menfolk's jobs will be safe. I don't know you but it's still frightening to think of what we could all be going through because of how we have been.
I was in Woolies today and just felt like crying - I almost went up to some of the staff to hug them because this was my past and I also thought it would be my future.
Gosh; that's a bit mis pour moi.