Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Sewing & my family

ItalicHi, my name is Pat, i live in Yorkshire, i am 51 and married to Dave with six children and seven grandchildren. I love to sew, knit and bake for my family. I love all the blogs i have visited today and there are many talented Lady's on there. I thought i would like to share with you the things that i make. I am always sewing as i have four grandsons in a row and then last year we had three granddaughters so i am very busy making their winter wardrobes. I love to sew for my home and decorate it, i love all the things pretty and shabby chic, at the moment i am making my granddaughters winter coats, i will post a picture as soon as i am finished. Here is a picture of a cloak i made them for Halloween they went as little Red Hiding Hood.

Bye for now.


Vintage Amethyst said...

Hello there
Oh my goodness I just love that red riding hood jacket, it is sooooo wonderful. You are very clever.
Love Alison x

XUE said...

Hi Pat! Wow...after commenting earlier, I am scrolling down to read more & didn't realised till now that you're so new! Pretty good for a new blog! I'm also glad to read & hv pics to look at. I tend not to stay long when there's way too much to read & hardly any pics. I love the winter coats, especially the blue ones - lucky kids! 6 kids, 7 grandkids & all these crafting - you're amazing. I think perhaps Lauren is one of the grandkids & not yr youngest daughter? If so, sorry about "Aunt Lauren". I'm living in Tokyo with my German husband. Our 8 yr old Annika was born in Singapore & our 11 yr old Niklas was born in Hongkong. They attend the German school here & learn German, English & Japanese in school. I'm Chinese. I love sewing too!

The sewing room said...

My mums away for the week in New york but she thanks you for your lovely comment & will get back to you when she is back